Our Platform

Municipalization of Baltimore Utilities
We demand the municipalization of Baltimore and the surrounding area's utilities under democratic ownership through organizations such as worker's cooperatives, because we believe that only public ownership of utilities would achieve a just and rapid decarbonization.
Free Public Transit and Red Line
We demand the creation of a comprehensive, free at the point of use public transit system, including an expanded Red Line train system. We demand that this system be under popular control and run for the benefit of working people. The ecological crisis cannot be addressed so long as transportation is privatized, and the people of Baltimore deserve to live in a world where transportation is decommodified and decarbonized.
End Tax-Free JHU/JHH
We demand the full taxation of all profit earning institutions, including capitalist non-profits such as Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Hospital system because we believe that until the profit-motive is destroyed, the wealth from these institutions must be redistributed.
Direct Election of School Board Members
We demand the direct election of Baltimore City school board members by community stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, social workers, school support staff, because we believe all those in positions of power should be directly accountable to working people and subject to recall.
Decriminalization of Illegal Drugs
We demand the complete decriminalization of all illegal drugs, the elimination of all penalties and punishments for using drugs, and the creation of safe injection sites across the city fully equipped with public health services. The criminalization of drug use has disproportionately harmed black, poor, and working people in Baltimore, and we believe that these communities must be given the power and resources to reduce this harm.
People’s Budget
We demand the creation of a people’s budget process in which the use of funds in the city is set through direct democracy and approved by popular referendum, because we believe that society should be directly run by the people, not politicians.
Lead Crisis
We demand the declaration of a state of emergency in response to the lead crisis, and use of public funds to remove lead from our homes, community buildings, schools, soil, air, and water because we believe that every person has the right to healthy and safe living conditions.
Non-Cooperation with ICE
We demand the complete non-cooperation and divestment of all government, business and civic entities from ICE and CBP, because we believe that national borders are unjust restrictions to the free movement of people.
Publicly Funded Elections
We demand the full public funding of elections, open primaries, and removal of barriers to entry for third-party and independent candidates because we believe elections should be truly free and fair, without obstacles to participation.
Public Banking
We demand the creation of democratically-controlled public banks and other financial institutions at the state and municipal level, to enable people-centered and community-centered use of our collective funds, because we believe that our money should be used to create a more just, democratic, and sustainable society.
Safe and Dignified Housing
We demand that all people be guaranteed safe and dignified housing. This can only be achieved by tenants, debtors, and homeless people uniting to socialize property. We can start with (1) the establishment of universal rent control and city-wide tenant unions, and (2) the public seizure and redistribution of vacant housing to community controlled institutions, such as community land trusts.
Solidarity with Sex Workers
We support the causes of sex worker-led struggles towards the decriminalization of sex work, because people have the right to engage in safe work that they choose.
Workers Rights
We demand that all people in Baltimore have meaningful, socially necessary work with a living wage adjusted for increases in the cost of living, while standard working time is reduced without loss of wages to divide up all work among all who are able and want to work. This will allow people to live fuller lives that take into account our needs for recreation, family life and social interaction. All workers should have the right to organize, unionize, and strike or otherwise engage in concerted action as an expression of their collective voice on the job without police, other state, or employer interference.
Abolish the BPD
We demand that the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) be abolished and replaced by a community-controlled institute for conflict de-escalation, intervention, and mental health support.
Baltimore Reparations Fund
We demand that a reparation fund be set up by the Baltimore City Government to help halt and reverse the economic and social segregation of Baltimore City resulting from historical redlining.
Universal Healthcare
We demand the creation and sustainment of a universal healthcare system for all, providing high quality, responsive, geographically available, life-long care to all persons, free at the point of service, regardless of individual situation or condition. We demand the full expropriation of all private medical training institutions, private medical provider institutions, and establishment of worker owned institutions for healthcare, including reproductive healthcare and long-term care, drugs, device creation, and supply chain in Maryland. Public ownership and control of the full supply chain of healthcare delivery is essential to guarantee health justice and democracy for all residents.
No War But Class War
We demand that our elected congressional, state, and city leadership publicly support an end to U.S. sanctions against Iran and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Ultimately, we must demilitarize the American economy, end all imperialist war, restore Indigenous sovereignty, and return democratic control of land and natural resources to the people. No longer should the global working class face endless war and economic devastation from the capitalist pursuit of war profits and endless growth.