Defund the Baltimore Police Department

We demand that the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) be abolished and replaced by a community–controlled institute for conflict de–escalation, intervention, and mental health support.

— Greater Baltimore DSA Platform
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2021 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Demands
GBDSA is amongst a number of organizations demanding legislation focused on police accountability and reform during the 2021 Maryland General Assembly. GBDSA is prioritizing legislation focused on the following:
Repealing The Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill Of Rights (LEOBR) - HB0151 sponsored by Del. Acevero
LEOBR gives special rights to police officers that ordinary people do not get, and prevents communities from investigating misconduct that could lead to discipline. Learn more about LEOBR.
Returning Control Of The Baltimore City Police Department To Baltimore City
Maryland State’s control of BPD limits the city’s ability to meaningfully enforce accountability and reforms because of a lack of appropriate legal authority. Learn more about local control.
Prohibiting Police Unions From Making Collective Bargaining Agreements About Disciplinary Actions
Police unions are anti-labor and serve the interest of police forces as an arm of the state. Discipline-related provisions in collective bargaining agreements shield officers accused of lethal misconduct from accountability.
Use the link and script below to urge your state legislators to sign onto these pieces of legislation, and to publicly show their support!
Who Should I Contact?
Your district's entire delegation of senators and delegates! Find your state legislators and their contact information here.
Sample Call / Email Script
Dear Senator / Delegate Senator or Delgate Name,

As a resident of District District Number, I am urging you to support and help to pass the following long overdue police reforms during the 2021 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session:
  • Repeal the entire Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights (HB0151); and
  • Give the People of Baltimore City the Ability to Govern the Baltimore City Police Department; and
  • Prohibit Police Unions From Making Collective Bargaining Agreements About Disciplinary Actions
These reforms are supported by your colleagues who constituted the 2020 Special House Workgroup to Address Police Reform and Accountability.

I am calling on you to commit to supporting and prioritizing these reforms in the next session. If you are not planning to support them, I ask that you share your reasons.


Your Name
Want to Learn More About Police Abolition?
To learn more about the broader goal to abolish police, and how to talk to the people you know about the issue, our comrades at Metro DC DSA (MDCDSA) have developed this guide on relational organizing for abolition as well as this informative presentation and reading list