What's been going on with GBDSA?

Here's a quick summary of what our chapter's been up to over the past few weeks:

Rally at Hopkins for the nurse’s union

GBDSA comrades were out ahead of time flyering and canvassing, and despite the heat the rally had a great turnout. It was especially good to see all the new GBDSA shirts in the crowd. The Sun’s coverage is here: https://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-md-medical-debt-rally-hopkins-20190720-4j2ktmaymzh6npxfn2guopghj4-story.html?fbclid=IwAR07zOayvIhaKKpvfmRLUWHzBY26pH9E7aJONofNgWQaEX5ig_eLtpH9OuY

M4A Canvassing

Deep canvassing continues in Cherry Hill. Health Justice is helping residents plan an August 17 health fair and working with Healthcare-NOW! and the Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition on a September Town Hall.

National Convention

Delegate discussions hashed out many of the resolutions before the national body. These conversations were lively and informative, and they continue on the #nationalconvention Slack channel. Drop in if you have questions or comments for the delegates.

The chapter also hosted an open mic at fundraiser at Joe Squared. You can still donate to help with the costs of convention travel. Send funds via PayPal to gbdsatreasurer@gmail.com.

Elections 2020

We hosted a watch party for the first Democratic debate. Lineups and schedules for the second debate have been announced--Bernie and Elizabeth Warren on July 30!-- so look out for updates about our next watch party.

Fair Election Fund

At our community forum on Baltimore’s Fair Election Fund on Monday, the panel discussed why socialists should fight for publicly funded elections. We were joined by Stuart Karaffa from DC DSA, State Delegate and DSA Member Gabe Acevero, Jaisal Noor of the Real News Network, Joanne Antoine from the Baltimore Fair Elections Coalition, and city council candidate Dave Heilker. The panel covered a lot of ground, including the current state of money in politics, the details of public election financing in Baltimore City, and how public financing would completely change the relationship between elected officials and their constituents.

The Electoral Committee is asking chapter members to contact their Council reps to support the fund: https://tinyurl.com/gbdsaCallScript

The Failed Coup in Venezuela

In an event co-sponsored with Red Emma’s, we heard firsthand reports about the recent failed coup in Venezuela and the occupation of the Venezuela embassy in Washington DC.

Learn more about the speakers’ organizations:

http://brooklynpeace.org/ https://popularresistance.org/