GBDSA statement on recent fascist violence

The Greater Baltimore Democratic Socialists of America condemns the recent outbreaks of domestic terrorism which have occurred this past weekend; initiated by white nationalists brandishing an agenda of racism, bigotry, and fascist hatred.

Our chapter firmly rejects racism and white supremacy. We honor the memories of Vickie Lee Jones and Maurice Stallard, who were viciously murdered in a Kentucky supermarket by an individual who specifically intended to target and slay African-American citizens in a callous rampage. Recent days, months, and years have made clear that American society remains indelibly defined by its original scourge of racism.

As socialists, we stand in solidarity with our Jewish comrades in Pittsburgh, who mourn the loss of eleven members of the Tree of Life Synagogue. Our nation bears an abhorrent legacy of anti-Semitism. We cannot forget that the United States refused to accept Jewish refugees as the horrors of the Holocaust were being perpetrated.

It is noteworthy that members of the Tree of Life Synagogue are actively engaged with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to conduct defense organizing, empowering immigrants and refugees who face increasingly significant challenges to their safety and well-being, brought about by this administration’s draconian immigration policies.

The inherently destructive system of capitalism perpetually fuels racism, anti-Semitism, and all forms of bigotry that erase the dignity of marginalized members of the human family. These atrocities affirm that the collective struggles for liberation from systemic oppression are intertwined – on the basis of race, religion or lack thereof, gender, class, sexual orientation or gender identity, ability, or national origin.

The fate of one is the fate of all. We unite in love, solidarity, and action to overcome the forces of white nationalism that seek to establish a regime of terror in place of democracy. These events make it clear that the time for change is now, and we will continue to build a socialist and democratic future.